Fuji XT-1 Review and Conclusion | Mike Croshaw Photography

I’ve had the XT-1 for a few weeks now and have used it in a variety of situations.  So rather than structure this review in the standard way ( build, handling, image quality etc ) I thought I’d go through all the usage scenarios I’ve put it through and give my personal opinion on how it did. Studio Shooting: It does just fine in the studio.  The XE-1 used to struggle a bit, it was a bit slower to use than a DSLR, especially on the 55-200, which is my favourite lens in the studio.  Studios are often quite dim unless you have the modelling lights on all the time, which is often not the case.  So your camera needs to be decent at low light focussing.  I found that setting the AF area to its second or third setting up from the smallest was sufficient for rapid focussing and the camera did not slow me down at all.  You do have to switch Preview Exp. in Manual Mode off though, which is under screen setup.  The reason being, the camera has no way of knowing that you are using strobes, and you

Source: Fuji XT-1 Review and Conclusion | Mike Croshaw Photography


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