ATRAX PHOTO by Clifton Beard | Fuji X100T: User Opinion, Custom Settings & Q Menu

I have always thought the Fuji X100 series of camera looked like a very interesting concept in the way that they take the photographer back to a fixed lens, which aids compositional and creative skills, simple, effective, manual controls, but packed with some exciting and useful modern tech. I nearly took the jump with the X100S but held off. When the X100T came along it seemed to have evolved to the point where it was hard to imagine the camera getting much better without some major advances in sensor technology. In short it was clearly a mature product developed from user feedback on the hard controls and firmware. Seeing the X100T and reading up on the technical side convinced me it was an interesting buy. Owing to the use I imagined for this camera, a leather case seemed like a good idea and my local dealer had a brown one on offer, so I went for that too. Its a beautiful camera and the case complements it wonderfully (below image shows only half the case, which includes a nice matching strap). The case is snug and feels very well made. It has an access flap to allow changes of battery and memory card without having to remove the case and the upper case clips on with poppers to completely enclose the camera. Being a Fuji convert with the X series, the camera felt much like an old friend but with a few new twists and advances in ergonomics, the main one of which is the amazing viewfinder. Put simply, its an amazing but useful bit of tech. A flick of a lever takes you between optical viewfinder or electronic viewfinder. As a third option there is a really cool idea where you can select a small projection of the EVF image in the lower right corner of the optical viewfinder image. This is an electronic rangefinder that allows incredibly easy and accurate manual focus on the selected focus point using peaking or split image assist

Source: ATRAX PHOTO by Clifton Beard | Fuji X100T: User Opinion, Custom Settings & Q Menu


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